April 13, 2024

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I am an Educator and a proponent of Human Rights. There is so much poverty and disease around the world, especially in Africa, the richest continent on planet earth. This situation is brought upon the people of Africa as a result of extreme corruption, nepotism and bad governance by her leaders. I therefore decided to add my voice to making the continent of Africa, and the world at large a better place; thus the birth of MaTaZ ArIsInG.

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    Femi Olajide

    There is no reason why the highest paid public servant, civil or elected/appointed servants should earn anything more than ten times the lowest paid public servants.

    In any case, there is no reason why any politician should earn anything more than a professor in the education sector or top civil servants in the civil service that would have put in a minimum average of about 25 years in public service.

    PMB and his government, if he truly wants a change should make that a top priority of his government. Of course, those benefitting from the status quo arrangements will resist change, but PMB should take the bull by the horn because it is a just cause and Nigerians will back him and if need be, vote out the carpetbaggers!

    See a relevant publication ” If I was cajoled to rule” by a Nigerian on burning socio-economic issues in Nigeria. Available on amazon.com https://www.amazon.com/If-I-was-cajoled-rule/dp/1702831760


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