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    Femi Olajide

    There is no reason why the highest paid public servant, civil or elected/appointed servants should earn anything more than ten times the lowest paid public servants.

    In any case, there is no reason why any politician should earn anything more than a professor in the education sector or top civil servants in the civil service that would have put in a minimum average of about 25 years in public service.

    PMB and his government, if he truly wants a change should make that a top priority of his government. Of course, those benefitting from the status quo arrangements will resist change, but PMB should take the bull by the horn because it is a just cause and Nigerians will back him and if need be, vote out the carpetbaggers!

    See a relevant publication ” If I was cajoled to rule” by a Nigerian on burning socio-economic issues in Nigeria. Available on


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