May 27, 2024

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I am an Educator and a proponent of Human Rights. There is so much poverty and disease around the world, especially in Africa, the richest continent on planet earth. This situation is brought upon the people of Africa as a result of extreme corruption, nepotism and bad governance by her leaders. I therefore decided to add my voice to making the continent of Africa, and the world at large a better place; thus the birth of MaTaZ ArIsInG.

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    Adeyeye Abass

    Oba Awujale is bittered on Mike but would have rather look into the objectivity of the fierce . Atiku was the major criminal here while Mike was just a bait. Obasanjo is not an angel but a very objective person. I think biography like this are not too far from what’s referred to as public talks, if Obasanjo had anything personal with Mike, I don’t think he can escape or even would the school still solicit for his assistance. No one is perfect, but to say Obasanjo did not do enough of a bit in his 8 years is very laughable considering the kind of Nigeria that was handed over to him and the type of team he had!!!


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